Language service
Our language service offers you text editing by native speakers. If you are not working in your mother tongue, it is possible to miss nuances of speech and to fall into language traps which can lead to miscommunication.
You can think of our language services as the finishing touch which can make the difference between a successful transmission of your message or a tragic miscommunication.
We care about our work. We are passionate about language and about communication. Let us help you to find your voice.

Currently, we offer our services in American English, UK & Irish English, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Czech and Greek.
Spelling, grammar & syntax.
Correct spelling shows that you are educated and that you take care of the details, thereby building trust from the outset. Spelling can also vary by dialect, region or country and by age group, so don't alienate your audience by using the wrong spelling.
Grammar can be tricky, even for ordinary native speakers, so ensure that your voice sounds authentic and trustworthy by having your copy expertly checked.
Syntax is the arrangement of words in a sentence. If it is not correct, your message can be confusing, garbled, or worse - wrong. Don't risk giving the wrong message - a native speaker will pick up any errors intuitively.

Organization and flow.
Organization includes the presentation of ideas in the most logical sequence, delineating paragraphs, choosing appropriate titles for chapters / sections etc.
Having a good flow means that one idea connects to the next in a logical sequence, without losing the reader in confusing or complicated sentences. It also includes the more lyrical aspects of the language and contributes to the 'feel-good' factor of the text.
We check that the vocabulary used is correct in the context and that the language is appropriate for the target audience (young / old,  formal / informal)

Concept clarity.
Is your message presented in the clearest way? Would a person easily understand what you are saying? Sometimes, changing just one word can make all the difference.

The icing on the cake.
We  look at other aspects of the language: slang, cultural references, historically relevant details etc.

Visual Language.
We can also give feedback about layout, image choices and other visual aspects of the communication - which may be culturally relevant. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Therefore it is important to ensure that your visual language is in tune with the written words.